Our Potential and Power to Succeed Online

In previous weeks, I have discussed the theoretical importance and implications of influencer marketing. This post will continue to explore its practical mechanisms and how to utilize it to build a personal brand for success.

The Contamination by the Internet Water Army: The Invisible Influence of An Influencer

With the raise in status and influence, influencers actually earn income for their quality online presence through influencer marketing. However, the raise to popularity is difficult, and many have resorted to unethical ‘shortcuts’. They include the simple inflation of traffic and subscribership, and now the use of a more systematic and organized form of boosting, called an “internet water army”. (Image source: DigitalnDigital)

The Second Decade of the 21st Century: Data, Profits and Privacy.

This is an exploratory discussion of how online data usage relates to personalised marketing, privacy issues and Facebook’s stand on the pedestal. (Image source: Isreal21c) In the previous post, I discussed the climb to glory by the most popular social media platform and ended with a note on their PR issues. In this post, I…

Will we soon hold intangible money?

Initially a product of a promising emergent technology, BitCoin’s performance continues to fall far short of expectations and the overreaching goals it promises, with no viable comeback methods in sight. Would BitCoin be the first example of a digital currency that will become obsolete? The stock performance of BitCoin, which is one of the most…